"Ponce de Leon's fountain of youth is no longer a legend nor a myth it has been discovered!"
"Ancient American Sacred Healing Spring "

"The water you drink may determine how long and healthy you will live"


The Real Fountain of Youth is the world's only ancient fountain that flows with life-extending Lithum Mineral Spring Water.

Primordial Source

100% Natural Primordial Alkaline Lithium Water

Nano Filtration

Space-age Antimicrobial Nano-Filtration Technology

Fresh & Pristine

Crystal Clear Effervescent Water Vibrant and Alive

1886 Spring House

Protects from outside toxic enviroment & ground water

World's Only  

Lithia Spring Water®  
Rare Ionic Micronutrient Formulation

“100% All-Natural Nothing Added Nothing Taken Away”
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”


Lithium Bicarbonate

Lithium Bicarbonate's rapid and complete cellular uptake's positive effect on mood, mental/physical energy, and short-term memory makes it superior drinking water. Lithium may increase the length of telomeres that extend life spans.


Silica stimulates collagen synthesis inside the body. Promotes skin hydration, improves complexion, skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Strengthens bones, arteries, nails, and beautifies hair.



222 mg/L
Sulfate (SO4) works as a detox powerhouse, flushing oil-soluble toxins from your body 24-hours a day, when taking Lithia Spring Water. Strengthens muscle/nerve function.


8.5 mg/L
Magnesium a mineral that supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body. It plays a role in over 300 enzymes.


More Ionic Trace Elements, Minerals, and Electrolytes Than Most Bottled Water Brands

Rare geological conditions produce America’s only commercial spring source of natural Lithium bicarbonate (LiHCO3) Alkaline Mineral Spring Water.


130mg mg/L

Alkaline  pH7.4

Human Body Perfect pH

O Nitrates

Primordial Water



High Conductivity

Natural Ionic Electrolytes

ORMEs Water

Monoatomic Elements

Structured Water

Made By Nature

Longevity Water

Based on Telomere Science

5-Gallon Jug Exchange Lithia Spring Water® Fresh & Pristine

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Talk About Longevity
Lithia Spring Water®

Anti-aging is a scientific reality. Live Long, Live Healthy, Live Happy drink Lithia Spring Water.
  • Emal Kanson
  • August 03, 2021
  • Comments 64

I Drink From The Real Fountain of Youth

I am 16 years old, and my most important goal in life is to live happy and healthy for the next 100 years. I can do it because I discovered the real fountain of youth.
  • Emily Willingham
  • May 25, 2021
  • Comments 22

We Drink From The Real Fountain of Youth and we Love a long life together

Johnny and I love to be together. We are now in our early 60's and working on another 50 years together.

Our Testimonials

Our testimonials are from real people who have experienced the health benefits of Lithia Spring Water. Lithia Spring Water has testimonials that span a century. Nature's Healthiest Water™.